A Closer Look At The Alkaline Diet In Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Herbs for Alkaline Diet

There are many different diets that exist that can help you to become healthier over time. One of the best diets is the alkaline diet which is highly recommended in Ayurveda. This diet basically focuses on balancing your body’s pH through eating more alkaline foods.

An alkaline diet can help you by reducing fat, chronic diseases, arthritis, diabetes, low bone density and so much more. An alkaline diet is basically one that is made up of fruits, vegetables and unprocessed forms of plant based protein. By taking up an alkaline diet, you will undoubtedly reduce the formation of plaque in your blood vessels, reduce the amount of calcium that accumulates in your urine, prevent the formation of kidney stones, build stronger bones, prevent muscle spasms and so much more.

By eating an alkaline diet, you will balance the pH levels in your body which includes the pH of your blood and urine. The pH of your body is determined by the minerals in the foods that your eat every day. It has been found that people who have a balanced pH level in their body, tend to not develop diseases and typical illnesses. We will now take a closer look at some of the specific benefits of eating an alkaline diet.

First of all, it protects your bone density and muscle mass. Remember, by eating an alkaline diet, you will be eating a diet that is high in the right minerals that the body needs to grow and thrive. As a result, your bones will become stronger which will reduce your risk of breaking them or becoming injured. This diet also increases the production of vitamin D and growth hormones which protects the bones even further as well as prevents diseases.

Another benefit of this diet is that it lowers your risk for developing hypertension as well as getting a stroke. Eating alkaline foods can help to slow down the aging process by decreasing inflammation in the body. There is also an increase in growth hormone production which means that you will enjoy better cardiovascular health.

You can also reduce your risk of developing cancer by following an alkaline diet. Even if you currently have cancer, by adopting an alkaline diet, it can help to increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy to get rid of that cancer.

Lastly, an alkaline diet will definitely help you to manage your weight and lose any excess weight. This occurs due to a reduction in leptin levels and inflammation which naturally increases your body’s fat burning abilities. Also, an alkaline diet is naturally a low calorie diet since you will be mainly eating fresh fruits, vegetables, green drinks, plant proteins and raw foods. You will need to avoid foods such as eggs, lentils, milk, processed cereals, whole wheat products, pasta, rice, bread etc. These foods generally cause weight gain and by avoiding them, you will stop gaining weight and start losing.

In closing, we have just looked at the alkaline diet and how it can benefit you. So, if you want to improve your health and well being, you should definitely try natural ways to alkalize the body for at least a few weeks and take note of the results for yourself.