Using Chakras to Cultivate Abundance Money Magnet

Imagine trying to compete in a marathon with a badly twisted ankle – the idea is ludicrous. Yet, everyday people compete in emotionally, mentally, and spiritually taxing competition depending on chakras in poor function.

If you are a capable and skillful professional, but can’t understand why you aren’t rolling in your well-earned rewards, the following article will illustrate how the chakras can affect your productivity, serenity, creativity and overall total money magnetism in your daily labors.

Root Chakra – “Muladhara”

When the root chakra is off-balance, the body loses its sense of well-being and therefore much of your capacity to focus on your task at hand. How can you be profitable if you are concerned about your job security, upcoming bills and expenses, physical safety and general health?

Try this: identify your emotional challenges and release them. Then look for ways to occupy this liberated mental space to be more productive in the pursuits that really matter.

Sacral Chakra – “Svadhisthana”

The sacral chakra is the link to your desires and creativity. When out of balance, the results can be great inner conflicts with emotional identity and gratification. Addictions and distractions to the mind can greatly affect your vital focus and nullify your creative genius.

Try this: criticize yourself less, focus on your strengths and allow your distractions and desires to fall away from your mind. Be your biggest fan and congratulate yourself for deadlines met, exceptional performance and the small miracle of a job well done.

Solar Plexus Chakra – “Manipura”

The power that builds momentum and endurance to push past your goals awaits in balanced solar plexus chakra. Your willpower and autonomy are essential in surviving the Monday to Friday rat race and without the support of balanced chakra your will can take a beating.

Try this: when consumed by uncertainties that slow your well-oiled momentum, fall back on what you do know. Say, “I am a decisive and powerful money-maker” and “I make good decisions now that build better decisions in the future”.

Heart Chakra – “Anahata”

If your relationships are strained and social life affecting professional life, your heart may be in the wrong place. This can also be experienced as a feeling of grave under-appreciation for the vital work you perform, if not aligned, it is easy to slip into depression and surrender.

Try this: remind yourself that you are beautiful, your work is an art and your capacity is a gold mine. Forgiveness, for others and yourself, plays a major role in smoothing the relations that can affect you adversely.

Throat Chakra – “Vishuddha”

If you feel incapable of communicating with those around you, you may be suffering from a clogged throat chakra. Symptoms of this can be feelings of great frustration and anger when your words are not understood.

Try this: it is important to know that your feelings, options and opinions are valid and you are free to share them. Remember that you are safe to express yourself even if others don’t always agree with you.

Third Eye Chakra – “Anja”

The repercussions of a blinded third-eye can leave you being a victim to the uncertain future. This chakra presides over your perception, intuition and capacity to gauge the long-term effects of your actions and decisions. More immediately, a disbalanced third eye undermines your confidence in planning and organization.

Try this: understand that the future is always uncertain and your best assurance is your clarity and calmness. Practice reflecting a positive outlook on your future and trust your intuition.

Crown Chakra – “Sahasrara”

The crown chakra connects your living soul to the greater soul of the universe. Wisdom, next-level understandings and the ineffable inspiration from the great beyond flow freely through a balanced crown chakra.

Try this: meditation, connection and awareness of your relation with spirituality is a deep and personal experience that should be explored to the full extent. It has been noticed that on this path things like money, relationships and daily pursuits seem to fall into place of their own accord.